Weekly meal plan for your children as they resume School


Schools have resumed after a long break and to some mothers, it is good news on one side and not too pleasant on the other hand. The thought of waking up very early in the morning to think of what to prepare for the children to take to school can be worrisome.

You are expected as a woman to be organized and also make the food attractive to them before they can eat it.
Take these few nuggets before we make the food time table for a week
  • Nugget 1: You don’t need to wait till the morning before thinking of what to cook, you will wear yourself out
  • Nugget 2: pre-plan what you want to give them to school
  • Nugget 3: don’t allow your children to dictate for you. If you allow them, you will only see that they are mentioning food that will sap your energy
  • Nugget 4: Be organized, don’t be disorderly. Orderliness will make your work easy and in no time you are done cooking
  • Nugget 5: Always bear in mind that you don’t really need much to make a healthy meal
  • Nugget 6: prepare for tomorrow today. By this I mean, for those things that you can arrange before the next day, like washing their lunch boxes, arranging their socks, shoes or sandal and put in a safe place. This will simplify your work the next day
Now, to the main thing; here is a food timetable for your children
  • Monday: apple, white rice with diced carrot and stew with boiled egg or beef
  • Tuesday: watermelon, boiled sweet potatoes and fish stew
  • Wednesday: pineapple, vegetable mix spaghetti with fish stew or Jollof spaghetti
  • Thursday: apple, boiled yam with garden egg stew
  • Friday: pineapple, vegetable pottage with fish stew
That is just it and the week ends on a good note. For the fruits, you can make do with what you have available and for the food, make it interesting and not boring. You can tweak the following week and add other delicacies to it.
Cheers to a super you as you try these out.


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