Vacuum Assisted Delivery: A Brief Summary of Key Principles


The obstetric vacuum extractor (also known as the ventouse) has been used for many years to assist women during parturition. Just as the design of the various instruments has
changed over the years, the methods employed in performing vacuum extractions have been refined.

The modern Silc Cup instrument has developed from the original Malmström device, and represents an easy, safe and efficient method for assisting women to deliver a healthy baby with a minimum of trauma to both the mother and infant. The literature is replete with detailed descriptions of the various models of vacuum extractors, and
the methods used in delivery.

However, the great variety of instruments and methods may cause confusion and there is a need for a simple, clear and concise text to describe the use of the modern obstetric vacuum extractor. This booklet has been written by a practicing obstetrician with a wide experience in the use of the modern ventouse.

The following chapters outline in considerable detail the use of vacuum extractors, including a brief description of the devices, assessment of the case, application of the various types of cups, and delivery of the baby. The author covers pitfalls in the procedure, safety aspects and the complications that may arise.

Vacuum Assisted Delivery: A Brief Summary of Key Principles
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