What is Sore throat , causes and Treatment


Sore throat overview

Things to know about sore throat

We have all heard about Sore Throat or must have seen it affect someone; rather we have had it once in a certain time. This is no longer new to most of us anymore, but many of us still do not know what causes this, and also some home remedies we can use without visiting the hospital.

It is a condition marked by pain in the throat typically caused by inflammation due to a cold or other virus. It involves pain, itchiness, irritation, and also difficulty in swallowing. Many sore throats are accompanied by other symptoms like fever, rash, difficulty in breathing, throat pain (primary symptom), dry throat, swollen glands in the neck.

It can affect people of all ages, but mainly occurs in children, people who smoke people with allergies and also people with a comprised immune system.


Several things can cause of this diseases. Many a times we as individuals are the cause of sore throats ourselves.

1. Viral infection: Infections are caused by a virus, such as the common cold or the flu. Most times all of these common cold and flu affect us mainly and can also cause other sickness in our body.

2. Bacterial Infection: We have the strep throat which is an inflammation of the throat, whooping cough which is another sign of a bacterial infection.

3. Environmental factors: Not all sore throat are caused by viral infection or bacterial infection. Most times our environment contributes a lot to all these.

4. Smoking: Those who smoke are always prone to Sore throat. They normally have difficulty in breathing, and others. If someone around you is smoking, chances are that you might also get infected and this will lead to sore throat.

5. Dry Air: many of us do breathe with our mouth, instead of doing it the normal way. When we do that, we do not have sufficient air passing through and this is one of a possible cause of sore throat.

6. Allergic to Chemicals: If you are allergic to some chemicals around you, you are very prone to getting sore throat.

7. Yelling or too much talking


Many Sore throats are not really a big deal. We do not need to go to the clinic to get ourselves fixed up by the doctor. There are several home remedies for Sore throat we can apply ourselves.

1. Gargling with warm salt water
2. Drinking plenty of fluids e.g. Tea
3. Avoiding Allergies
4. Do not stay close to a person who smoke
5. Reducing inflammation by taking pain relievers (Ibruofen)
Many times, Sore throat lasts longer than usual. If it lasts longer than a week then you should see your doctor, because it might be a sign of bacterial or viral infection. Although there are several symptoms you should observe before rushing to the doctor.

a. Joint pain
b. Difficulty Breathing
c. A rash
d. Fever
e. Earache
f. Difficulty swallowing
Your doctor will be a test for you, before proceeding to give you any drugs.



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