Smoking And infertility: Does Smoking Affect Infertility?


Did you know that Smoking Marijuana use could trigger infertility? Yeah, that seemingly innocuous joint isn’t so innocent after all, or is it? Well, hold on to that question, because that’s what we will answer here. Scroll down and find out how does marijuana affect fertility, the reproductive organs and trigger sterility.

What Is Smoking?

Marijuana is a herb that is derived from the dried leaves of the Hemp plant, medically known as Cannabis sativa. Pop culture references have given rise to a number of names of Marijuana, which include:

  1.  Mary Jane
  2. Chronic
  3. Weed

Possible Side Effects Of Smoking:

Smoking Marijuana or any other weeds can lead to many negative effects for the body and the mind. The symptoms typically differ from person to person, but some general symptoms include:

  1. Depression: Women who smoke or consume it regularly are at a higher risk of developing depression. Such ladies become prone to anxiety and the feeling of hopelessness. In extreme cases, a milder form of depression can escalate to a manic or acute form. Depression and anxiety can kill libido, and disrupt the menstrual cycle. In some cases, it can lead to delayed or no ovulation. Thus, it becomes difficult for the female to get pregnant. So, if you are planning to conceive, then you need to kick that habit, for now at least.
  2. Possible Drop In I.Q.: Some medical experts believe that marijuana addicts have lower or declined I.Q. levels than healthy counterparts. According to these medical experts, a regular intake of marijuana can affect your I.Q. negatively, and the decline continues even if you stop taking marijuana. Of course, all these studies are quite inconclusive, and science does not back these claims!
  3. psychotic Symptoms: Marijuana is a hallucinogen, and it can trigger Neuro-psychotic symptoms viz. Maniac-depression, hallucinations, etc.

Does Smoking Affect Fertility?

Now that we know that marijuana has many possible side effects, and it can also increase the risk of sterility. The effects of Marijuana on fertility both in females as well as males.

  • In females, it hinders the menstrual cycle.
  • In males, it causes severe sperm abnormalities. Also, it reduces the sperm count as well as sperm mobility thereby decreasing the chances of pregnancy. It also decreases the Testosterone hormone levels in the male body.

Can smoking affect my ability to have a child? 

Most people understand that smoking increases the risk for heart, vascular, and lung disease. Many do not realize that smoking can also lead to problems with fertility in both men and women. Erectile dysfunction and pregnancy complication rates are also increased with smoking.

Will smoking affect my eggs or sperm? 

Chemicals (such as nicotine, cyanide, and carbon monoxide) in cigarette smoke speed up the loss rate of eggs. Unfortunately, once eggs die off, they cannot regenerate or be replaced. This means that menopause occurs 1 to 4 years earlier in women who smoke (compared with non-smokers).

Male smokers can suffer decreased sperm quality with lower counts (numbers of sperm) and motility (sperm’s ability to move) and increased numbers of abnormally shaped sperm. Smoking might also decrease the sperm’s ability to fertilize eggs.

How can smoking impact my ability to conceive? 

Women who smoke do not conceive as efficiently as nonsmokers. Infertility rates in both male and female smokers are about twice the rate of infertility found in nonsmokers. The risk for fertility problems increases with the number of cigarettes smoked daily.

Even fertility treatments such as IVF may not be able to fully overcome smoking’s effects on fertility. Female smokers need more ovary-stimulating medications during IVF and still have fewer eggs at retrieval time and have 30% lower pregnancy rates compared with IVF patients who do not smoke.

Because smoking damages the genetic material in eggs and sperm, miscarriage and offspring birth-defect rates are higher among patients who smoke. Smokeless tobacco also leads to increased miscarriage rates. Women who smoke are more likely to conceive a chromosomally unhealthy pregnancy (such as a pregnancy affected by Down syndrome) than nonsmoking mothers. Ectopic pregnancies and preterm labor also occur more often among female smokers.

Can smoking affect my children? 

Men whose mothers smoked half a pack of cigarettes (or more) a day had lower sperm counts. Smoking during pregnancy also can lead to growth restriction of the baby before birth. Children born with lower-than expected birth weights are at higher risk for medical problems later in life (such as diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease). Children whose parents smoke are at increased risk for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and for developing asthma.

I don’t smoke but my partner does. Could this secondhand smoke affect my fertility? 

Women exposed to secondhand smoke can suffer all the above health risks.

Overcoming A Smoking Addiction:

If you are planning to get pregnant, then it is high time you give up smoking marijuana and the rest. You can take help from your doctor, or enlist with support groups. Here are some ways to recover from Marijuana addiction.

1. Psychotherapy: The treatment involves techniques to exercise self-control and restraint from taking marijuana.
2. Reward Technique: In this technique, the patient should be given the reward for not succumbing to his desires.
3. Motivational Therapy: Motivational therapy is less of a treatment and more counseling sessions to help the addict recover.
4. Lifestyle changes: When you will first visit your doctor, he will ask you about your lifestyle, and if you live on drugs then he will ask you to make serious changes in your lifestyle.Women who stop any substance abuse viz. Drug abuse, alcoholism, smoking cigarettes, etc.

Withdrawal Symptoms Of Smoking:

Smoking Marijuana does not lead to any physical withdrawal symptoms. However, some medical experts conclude that it induces withdrawal symptoms like:

  • Sleeplessness
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Irritability
  • Marijuana cravings

Did you face marijuana (Smoking) effects on fertility? How did you recover? Did you need medical intervention or were you able to recover by going cold turkey? How long did it take to recover? Was recovery difficult? Share your story here. Drop a comment below.




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