Question of the day on: Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Balance


You can get some tips from here : Fluid electrolyte and acidbase balance 

Review Questions

1. Solute contributes to the movement of water between cells and the surrounding medium by ________.

  1. osmotic pressure
  2. hydrostatic pressure
  3. Brownian movement
  4. random motion

2. A cation has a(n) ________ charge.

  1. neutral
  2. positive
  3. alternating
  4. negative

3. Interstitial fluid (IF) is ________.

  1. the fluid in the cytosol of the cells
  2. the fluid component of blood
  3. the fluid that bathes all of the body’s cells except for blood cells
  4. the intracellular fluids found between membranes

Critical Thinking Questions

1. Plasma contains more sodium than chloride. How can this be if individual ions of sodium and chloride exactly balance each other out, and plasma is electrically neutral?
2. How is fluid moved from compartment to compartment?




  1. 1) Osmotic Pressure
    2) Positive
    3) C

    Critical thinking questions


    2) Fluids move from one compartment to the other due to difference in concentration of solutes


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