Facts About Fitness Your Coach Will Hardly Tell You About

More and more people have started pursuing a healthy lifestyle. In order to look better and feel better most of them start with physical fitness. However, just like anything else, being active should be done wisely.
  1. You’ll have to wait for visible results for a long time

Don’t expect quick results when starting physical training. Those who want to get in shape “by summer” or within a couple of months of January 1st will likely fail. Of course, everything initially depends on your current body weight, your body’s condition, and your age. In any case, you’ll be able to see the first results from workouts after approximately 2 or 3 months. It will take others about 6 months to be able to see positive changes in your body. Also, it’s important to understand that regularity, frequency of training, and the right diet are the foundation of your success. There won’t be much change in your body if you only do 2 intense workouts per week — you can only get good results if you do at least 3 power and 2 cardio workouts per week. This doesn’t mean that you’ll have to spend 5 days a week at the gym — an ordinary walk outside can be a good cardio exercise for your body.
2.You won’t always be able to reach your desired results.

If you have an image of the ideal body shape in your mind that you want to attain with the help of physical fitness, be prepared that you might not reach the desired results. First of all, you should take into account your genetics, as well as how you’re physically built. Some people’s muscles tend to grow faster, while other people might have better metabolism. Moreover, many professional athletes and fitness trainers use special nutrition to achieve their desired shape.

Therefore, if you set an unreachable goal that goes against what your body is even capable of, you may not only lose motivation, but also get an unbalanced body shape. In order to set the right goal, you should assess yourself objectively, take into account your opportunities and limitations, and try to attain the best shape for your body.

3.Only the basic exercises can help build a beautiful body.

It’s profitable for trainers to keep a client as long as possible, that’s why they often ignore basic exercises and offer a lot of isolated exercises that work out singular muscles. However, you should understand that they should be focusing on basic exercises in order to get good results. Basic exercises include lunges, planks, dead lifts, squats, and push ups. It’s these that help us build a muscle corset. At the same time, basic exercises also have different efficiency.

It’s important to understand during practical workouts which exercises get the best response from your muscles. For example, for some people, squats are the best exercise to work out the muscles of the buttocks, while for others it might be lunges. Of course, isolation exercises are important too and they can sometimes even be more interesting to perform, but you shouldn’t limit yourself to just doing those.



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